SD-WAN 360

Meet the Expert: Jason Gintert (WAN Dynamics)

August 12, 2019 Rohan Naggi with guest speaker Jason Gintert Season 1 Episode 14
SD-WAN 360
Meet the Expert: Jason Gintert (WAN Dynamics)
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Topic: Meet the Expert: Jason Gintert from WAN Dynamics 

WAN Dynamics is focused on helping companies migrate from traditional and legacy connectivity models into more modern, cloud-based network infrastructures by utilizing automation, orchestration and programmability. A key area is SD-WAN.

In this podcast, we'll discuss industry trends such as using SD-WAN for voice and video, integrated security and SD-WAN, and the market differences between North America and Europe. 

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Introduction to SD-WAN 360
Guest Speaker Introduction
what was the reason behind starting WAN dynamics with focus on SD-WAN?
What makes WAN DYNAMICS stand out or differentiates WAN Dynamics from other SD-WAN vendors?
What do customer look for to select an SD-WAN vendor?
What is the difference between MPLS and SD-WAN? Do North America and Europe has different Adoption Rate for MPLS shift?
Security and SD-WAN integration
What features of VMware SD-WAN customers are looking for? Is it the simplicity, cloud GW architecture, Application Performance or something else?
Could you talk more about a particular deployment win? What was the use case for? Tele-Medicine, poor connectivity options